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 Impossible is not a fact, its an opinion 

Simple Additive CF

May 23, 2010 by dangyogi

The simplest CF mechanism is to assign different numbers to each question, then add up the numbers for the questions answered favorably to get the overall CF.  To arive at an overall CF between 0 and 1, we divide by the total of question's numbers (regardless of answer).


  1. Easy to understand.
  2. Dividing by total for all questions keeps the overall CF between 0 and 1, allowing you to use whatever magnitude of numbers that you like for the individual questions.
  3. Adding a new question effectively lowers the contribution of the previous questions, since the divisor number increases.
  4. This does not distinguish between an unknown answer for a question, and an unfavorable answer.  Both result in zero for that question.
  5. This will assign an overall CF of zero when none of the questions are answered (ie, when nothing is known).  Are there very rare diseases, for example, that might start with a negative CF (representing a level of disbelief that you would see a disease this rare)?

This appears to be the most common CF mechanism.

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