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What is not?

 Impossible is not a fact, its an opinion 


May 6, 2010 by Dr.Inayath

This is too early for screenshots, but nonetheless just to give you an idea of what? and how? here are a few pics from development -

This is the front end - it has few panes - the black one is robot - you can talk to the doctor, the gray one lists the diagnosis and management etc, the white sheet will give a summary of case, and the main form will have all buttons and checkboxes to tick answers.



This is the headache example i chatted with the robot - it asks you questions and you reply yes/no or 1,2,3 etc....




This one is simple one - i gave a rule : elderly with confusion and tachypnea think pneumonia...


Bruce suggested we have a web interface where users can interact with system and test their rules, so we are on it!

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