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What is not?

 Impossible is not a fact, its an opinion 


Project Progress Updates

18th September - Pulmonology Rulesets are ready! Now we need to pack them into GUI.

5th August - Project N is back on its feet again, you will see more frequent updates from now.

Jun-Aug - We are taking a short break, will be back soon.

20th May - Project N joins HIFA2015

12th May - We have got to a good start on technical side, please see the sample cases submitted by salman and faraz to get an idea of scoring system, while we prepare the documentation to explain...

Tech' Updates

Bruce Frederiksen, the author of pyke engine is helping us get started

Important note to authors: We have implemented a new system wherein the cases/Fpis you submit will now be reviewed by experts/moderators before they are published. This is to maintain the high standard of the site contents, so please bear with us. The expert/moderators will remain anonymous to be fair, I would be glad if you don't ask us to reveal who they are. You can access your content from the right sidebar > My contents link

Contributor of the week!

( To be started soon...)

Project N is greatly indebted to Dr.Salman Hadi for his initial founding contributions, and for taking a lead in cases. He stands as a rock solid support for this project. Thank you Salman!

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